Information for Sellers

Sellers gate opens at 8:30am. Always best to get here early to make sure you grab a good pitch!

Admission Costs for Sellers

Cars £8.00, all 4x4's, SUV's and vans £10.00, small trailers add £4.00, large trailers/caravans add £8.00.

Get 6 Car Boot Sales for the Price of 5...

Regular car boot sellers can take advantage of our special offer - do 5 boot sales in any one season and you will get the 6th one FREE! Make sure you retain your tickets as proof of sales attended.

Warning to Sellers

Trading standards, customs officers and police visit our boot sales regularly. These items are NOT to be sold on our site:

Guns & Air Rifles  |  Knives & Other Weapons  |  Fireworks
Counterfeit Goods including Clothing & DVD's  |  Stolen Goods
Cigarettes & Tobacco  |  Wines & Spirits  |  Livestock & Pets

Perpetrators will be reported to the appropriate authorities

Food and drinks are only to be sold by Authorised Licensed Sellers.

If your are in any doubt - don't bring it! Please email us if you have any questions.

A few tips for first-time Sellers:

Loading your vehicle

Arriving at the Pulloxhill site

Money Matters

Car Boot Sales are a brilliant way of making a little money out of unwanted items. They are also a fun social event, especially for regular sellers. Bring your family and friends and make a day out of it!

Do 5 Car Boots and get one free! Weather Check Traffic News from the AA